HAMLET is a Research and Innovation Action program, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon2020 programme.

The aim of HAMLET is to extend the capabilities of two existing photonic platforms, develop an advanced hybrid integration engine and provide a new photonic platform tailored to needs of modern Microwave Photonics applications and especially the upcoming 5G wireless technology.


HAMLET project comprises two levels of integration that will be used for the development of  the powerful photonic integration platform and the fabrication of the HAMLET modules. At the first integration level, together with Solmates LioniX International (LXI) will focus on the process development for the heterogeneous integration of PZT films on the TriPleX® platform, and the development of phase shifters to be used as ultra-low power consumption elements in the optical beam forming networks (OBFNs).

The second integration level involves the hybrid integration of the two upgraded platforms (the PolyBoard platform delivered by FhG-HHI and TriPleX®) with the InP. LXI will design and fabricate four generations of optical beamforming circuits on TriPleX® chips with appropriate tapered sections for the next generation OBFNs that will be used for the analog processing part of the HAMLET transceivers.  These designs will be suitable for both 2D and integration approaches with the PolyBoard in order to develop a unified powerful platform.


Find more information about this project and its progress on the HAMLET website.

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