LioniX International in €19 million photonics innovation hub

two photonics engineers working in a clean room wearing protective equipment

LioniX international is one of over 50 businesses and organizations participating in PhotonHub Europe – a new pan-European photonics digital innovation hub. The initiative, which was recently awarded €19 million investment from the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, will help European SMEs and mid-caps to take advantage of photonics-based technologies.

PhotonHub will provide companies, in particular “non-photonics” SMEs and mid-caps that are early adopters of photonics, with free access and support through the PhotonHub front office in Brussels, across a broad range of services and capabilities covering training and upskilling, “test before invest” innovation support and help with finding investment.

Commenting on Lionix International’s participation in PhotonHub, CEO Arne Leinse said “For LioniX International, participating in PhotonHub is a logical step towards making access to photonic technology easier for SME end users in particular. By working with complementary partners in the ecosystem, we can all strengthen our position and we can further expand application areas for the unique LioniX technology.”

By helping EU businesses to become highly competitive digital businesses, PhotonHub aims to create over 1.000 new high-tech EU jobs and nearly €1 billion in new revenues and venture capital by 2025.

Read more on the PhotonHub website.