CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2017

25 – 29 June, Munich, Germany

During the CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2017 LioniX International will give two presentations:

Douwe Geuzebroek will give a presentation titled “Visible Arrayed Waveguide Grating (400nm – 700nm) for Ultra-wide Band (400-1700nm) Integrated Spectrometer for Spectral Tissue Sensing”. We’re very excited about our new results that are being shown here, namely the extreme broadband possibility of TriPleX.

When: Sunday 25 June, 16.00 hrs., Room 13B

Jörn Epping will give a presentation titled: “Ultra-low-power stress-based phase actuator for new microwave photonics”.

When: Tuesday 27 June, 09.45 hrs, Room 13B

The complete program can be found here.

Laser World of Photonics

26 – 29 June, Munich, Germany

Laser World of Photonics is the international trade fair for Photonics Components, Systems and Applications. Together with the World of Photonics Congress, the fair unites research and industry and promotes the use and ongoing development in the Photonics industry.

Visit us at our booth: Hall B3 booth# 159

19th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks

2 – 6 July, Girona, Catalonia, Spain

Meet LioniX International at the 19th Internternational Conference on Transparent Optical Networks.

Dr. Chris Roeloffzen of LioniX International will give an inspiring presentation titled “Fiber-Wireless Network Technologies and Architectures towards 5G and Beyond”.

International Conference on Group IV Photonics

23 – 25 August, Berlin, Germany

Visit LioniX International at the International Conference on Group IV Photonics

Find the newest technologies at our booth

ECOC Exhibition

18 – 20 September, Gothenburg, Sweden

Join our MPW workshop during the ECOC exhibition

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