LioniX International MPW dates

An overview of all upcoming dates for MPW runs at LioniX International. Book a slot in one of our upcoming MPW runs for 1550nm, 850nm and visible wavelengths.

Our Multi Project Wafer runs at a glance

Wavelength Typical applications MPW run number Design deadline (tape out) Devices ready
1550nm Telecom/datacom,
Sensing, Quantum
25 31 March 2022 31 Aug 2022
26 31 Jul 2022 17 Dec 2022
27 15 Nov 2022 10 April 2023
850nm Biosensing, OCT, Spectrometry, Metrology 4 7 Jun 2022 31 Nov 2022
Visible (400-700nm) Life sciences 12 31 March 2022 15 Sept 2022
Infographic describing best practice for multi project wafer MPW for photonic integrated circuits

Considering and MPW run? Make sure you answer the six questions in our infographic and make your project run smoothly.