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hybrid tunable laser ready to go into quantum cryostat

LioniX laser impresses the cool kids

A LioniX International laser has shown consistent output power in cryogenic temperatures, paving the way for use in super-cooled quantum research.

light propagating across silicon nitride photonic chip for optical haar transform

TriPleX™ for image processing

A group of researchers have used LioniX International technology to build a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) that drastically compresses image data.

a biosensor chip held on a fingertip

Photonic biosensor applied to aquaculture: SensiChip

LioniX International reduce cost and size of photonic biosensor chips for a new biosensor for fish farms

A closeup of a lionix international biosensor chip for covid-19 testing and cancer diagnostics

Photonics, Fluidics and (volume) Fabrication

What are the benefits to diagnostics of photonic biosensors? And how is vertical integration driving biosensor development at LioniX International?

integrated photonic biosensor chips for early cancer diagnostics and covid-19 detection

€8.5m investment accelerates availability of integrated photonic biosensing for early disease detection

LioniX International biosensing partner Surfix announces an investment of € 8,5 million to accelerate development of rapid diagnostics platform using LioniX International biochips.

A tunable laser for wireless optical communication using silicon nitride laser cavity in a packaged integrated photonic circuit module

LioniX joins project on integrated photonics for point-to-point laser broadband

We’re excited to be supporting a new joint project to develop superfast wireless optical communication.

Integrated photonic ion trap chip in finished package with optical and electrical interface

Optical beamforming success heralds responsive broadband networks

Broadband mobile networks that respond to localized demand are a step closer thanks to wireless communications technology reported by LioniX International and partners this month.

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