Results show photonic biosensing outperforms or equal to commercial serology tests for covid-19

LioniX International’s photonic biosensing partner Surfix Diagnostics BV has shared promising new results demonstrating the capabiltities of its platform in a recent whitepaper.

The work described in Surfix’s recent whitepaper shows that its photonic diagnostics platform outperforms or equals commercially available, CE-IVD registered serological assays in endpoint titer testing on a NIBSC plasma calibrant sample for anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. The results clearly demonstrate the great potential of Surfix’s photonic diagnostics platform. Surfix’s goal is to further develop the high potential platform into a fast, label-free, highly sensitive and multiplex PoC diagnostic testing device.

In a recent video, Surfix’s CEO Martin Buijs explains the history of the company summarises the value of their technology for cancer diagnostics and waterborne pathogen detection.