Two photonics engineers working in a clean room

LioniX International in €19 million innovation hub

LioniX International is participating in a new €19 million European hub to increase access to photonics technology for small and medium sized enterprises.

Photonic bio sensor chip using red light

Accelerated development of fast and reliable COVID-19 test

Lionix International and other leading Dutch biochip companies accelerate development of fast and reliable COVID-19 test.

LioniX International appoints Arne Leinse as new CEO

On December 3, 2019 LioniX International has appointed Arne Leinse as the new CEO as of January 1st 2020. LioniX International is the leading global provider of customized microsystem solutions, in particular integrated photonics-based, in scalable production volumes.

Leading Dutch alliance in biochip development

As of April 15, 2019, Qurin Diagnostics B.V. and Lionix International B.V. have acquired Surfix B.V. As a supplier of custom-made nanocoatings, the capabilities of Surfix are highly complementary to the products and services offered by Qurin and LioniX International. The companies are already working together closely on early cancer detection and have realized a sensitive biochip, bringing together their respective complementary technologies for this purpose. This acquisition strengthens their relationship and mutual commitment towards bringing this technology to the global biomedical market. Read the complete press release

PHIX Photonics Assembly secures next round of financing and LioniX International obtains a majority share.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018: PHIX Photonics assembly (PHIX) moves forward in the next step of its growth due to the recent acquisition of LioniX International BV by Magic Micro Co. Ltd . As part of this acquisition and the further implementation plan towards high volume assembly of Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC)  modules, LioniX International has increased its share in PHIX. This will strengthen its position as a vertical integrated supplier of PIC based modules.

In parallel to this change in ownership, PHIX also secures financial support for the upscaling from semi- automated to fully-automated assembly lines. Both Magic Micro and Panthera International (the original main shareholder of LioniX International) are committing to financially support PHIX for further upscaling. This growth is needed to serve current customers and market demands.

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Magic Micro acquires majority share in LioniX International

Magic Micro, a Kosdaq-listed South Korean electronic component company, has acquired a majority share of 75% in LioniX International. This acquisition between two complementary companies strengthens the position of both and clearly shows the Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) based ecosystem is further maturing.

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