Vacancy for Ultra-Low Linewidth Laser Design Engineer

A unique opportunity to kick-start your career as a Laser Design Engineer

As a PhD student in the HORIZON-MSCA-MAWI project, you will become a member of our Opto-Electronic Systems team. You will work on the design, fabrication, and testing of cutting edge integrated photonic lasers for a wide range of applications in the field of atom interferometry and quantum computing. In close collaboration with partners in the MAWI project, you will translate requirements into integrated photonic device architectures. In addition, as the MAWI project leader, you will manage the fabrication of the devices and systems, closely interacting with our IC design, fabrication, and assembly teams, and you will contribute to the experimental characterization of these devices and systems together with your colleagues in the Opto-Electronic Systems team.

Your responsibilities as a Laser Design Engineer:

  • Translate MAWI laser requirements into integrated photonic device/system architectures.
  • Managing the IC design, fabrication and assembly track, closely interacting with the involved teams.
  • Experimental evaluation of the integrated photonic laser.
  • Reporting and communication to the project partners.
  • Presenting results at conferences and journals, keeping the knowledge in this area up to date.

Your Opto-Electronic Systems team:

You will be part of the Opto-Electronic Systems team of LioniX International. This team works on the research and development of integrated photonic devices and systems for optical communication, sensing and microwave photonic signal processing. The team closely collaborates with customers and project partners on novel integrated photonic devices and systems with world-class performance, utilising the innovative LioniX photonic IC and photonic integration/assembly technologies. Together with customers and project partners, the team develops new system/device concepts using custom MATLAB and VPI system calculation tools. To achieve world-class performance in these concepts, novel PIC technologies with improved performance are defined and developed in close collaboration with the PIC design, fabrication and assembly teams of LioniX. The Opto-Electronic Systems team works towards the realisation of integrated photonics products for communication and sensing markets via collaborations with industry and by defining and executing R&D projects with university and industry partners along the LioniX Opto-Electronic Systems roadmap. The team members work closely together on all relevant topics and support each other where necessary. The team’s successes are realised by working accurately with passion and creativity in a positive team environment.

An integrated photonic laser made by a laser design engineer