LioniX International secures major satcom contract

LioniX International has secured a seven-figure contract for the development and fabrication of integrated photonic modules that enable ultra-high capacity broadband satellite communications from flat-panel aeronautical antennas. This contract with ViaSat Antenna Systems S.A. is part of the ESA project AIDAN and follows the years of intensive research and development of broadband solutions using microwave photonics (MWP) beamformers on the proprietary TriPleX™ platform.

Photonic Integrated Circuit (PICs) technology is gaining momentum and one of the key enablers in the different technology roadmaps over the world. MWP is a maturing field of technology, enabling new applications which are not easily achieved with full electronics solutions. LioniX International has been developing its proprietary waveguide technology (TriPleX™) into a mature technology platform with multi user access via Process Design Kits (PDKs). The hybrid integration with the complementary active Indium Phosphide (InP) technology is one of the enablers of the MWP field. This new collaboration with ViaSat recognizes the potential of this platform and enables the further maturing and upscaling of both the MWP PIC technology as well as the hybrid assembly capabilities for these modules. The project will focus on a volume manufacturable module for broadband satellite communications containing both TriPleX™ and InP PICs opening up also new possibilities in other application fields. The developments within the AIDAN project and the support this gets from ESA shows the interest in and potential of PIC technology for future applications in this field and enables LioniX international to make the next step in the maturing and upscaling of these modules.

Hans van den Vlekkert, CEO of LioniX International, commented: “This is a recognition of our integrated photonics technology platform and a major opportunity for us to show the enabling benefits of the technology in broadband communication”.